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Yoga History - Origin of Yoga

Yoga History - Origin of Yoga Yoga, today, is the fastest-growing practice worldwide. But how much do we know about the origin of Yoga? Not very much, I guess. So let us just get the basic knowledge about it in this article. Yoga is said to be originated in Indus Valley Civilization (3300-1900 BCE) and Vedic-Period (1500-500 BCE). The word 'Yoga' is first mentioned in the Rigveda. The Rigveda, however, does not describe yoga, and there is little evidence as to what the practices were. Earliest references to practices that later became part of Yoga are made in 'Brihadaranyaka Upanishad', the earliest Hindu Upanishad. For example, the practice of 'Pranayama' (consciously regulating breath) is mentioned in hymn 1.5.23 of Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (c. 900 BCE) , and the practice of 'Pratyahara' (concentrating all of one's senses on self) is mentioned in hymn 8.15 of 'Chandogya Upanishad' (c. 800–700 BCE). The first known appe